Month: May 2018

Head Injury And Concussion

That team sport is important for children’s health and development is a given fact. It increases fitness and social wellbeing, teaches resilience and emotional control as well as time management and respect for rules. However, as the kids return to the playing fields for the season there is one aspect I dread: the number of head clashes and concussions I’ll hear about tend to increase…

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FF 07: The importance of chewing with Mary Bourke

Chewing is important for strengthening the lips and facial muscles thereby facilitating better breathing patterns.  Chewing also helps keeping teeth and gums healthy. Mary Bourke explains the Myo Munchee chewing device.

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FF 06: 'School Readiness' with Kate Highland

Learn school readiness for your kids with principal Kate Highland and Newcastle chiropractor, Dr. Dorte Bladt. Assistant principal Kate Highland shares with us how we can help our kids feel comfortable and confident as they enter a new and exciting phase of their lives: Big school. Intro: Flourishing Families with Dr. Dorte Bladt, the Switched-On Kids chiropractor and her passionate friends…