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Thoughts, tips and advice from professionals about family health and wellness in Newcastle & beyond.

Dorte Bladt from Family Chiropractic Centre Charlestown talks to our local professionals to help you make the best choices for you and your family.

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FF 11: ‘It’s all about the gut’ with naturopath Jasmine Polley

Want to learn about baby gut health? In this episode of Flourishing Families, Dorte Bladt talks to Charlestown Naturopath, Jasmine Polley, about a healthy gut for kids. Jasmine Polley shares her…

FF 10: ‘Tone up for health’ with Katrina Morton

Our own Super Chiropractic Angel Katrina is her usual inspiring self as she shares how Pilates can help us get the most out of chiropractic care. She describes the what, where and how of Pilates and…

FF 09: ‘Balancing a busy family life’ with naturopath Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Mums often struggle to balance Mum-life with everyday life. In this podcast, Dorte Bladt discusses finding a healthier balance with Newcastle Naturopath, Melinda Carbis-Reilly. Melinda, a local…

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FF 08: ‘Chronic fight and flight – how Sympathetic Dominance affects your health’ with Kelly Beanland

Chronic stress can cause a shift in a mother's fight or flight response. Learn more with Newcastle chiropractor Dr. Dorte Bladt and her chiropractor friend, Kelly Beanland. Stress is an inevitable…

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FF 07: The importance of chewing with Mary Bourke

Chewing is important for strengthening the lips and facial muscles thereby facilitating better breathing patterns.  Chewing also helps keeping teeth and gums healthy. Mary Bourke explains the Myo…

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FF 06: ‘School Readiness’ with Kate Highland

Learn school readiness for your kids with principal Kate Highland and Newcastle chiropractor, Dr. Dorte Bladt. Assistant principal Kate Highland shares with us how we can help our kids feel…

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FF 05: ‘Thoughts on Birth’ with Newcastle doula She Births educator Nichola Kinnane

Discover the magical benefits of a natural birth with local doula, Nichola Kinnane, and our very own Newcastle baby's chiropractor, Dr. Dorte Bladt. Nichola talks with us about supporting couples…

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FF 03: ‘Hold on’ with pelvic floor physio Eileen Lavis

Having babies wreaks havoc with Mum's body - top to toe.  Oh well, our beautiful babies are so worth it! Eileen from Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is incredibly knowledgeable about the less…

FF 02: Healthy Family Food

Feeding the family horde interesting, appetising and nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy is always a challenge. Our wonderful local nutritionist Anita Pugh from 'Misoteria' shares her wisdom…