Introduction to Kinesiology with Erin Dube`

Erin Dube` is a kinesiologist with a background in occupational therapy and hypnobirthing.  She takes us through what kinesiology is and how it can help a wide range of health issues.  

Switched-on Kids

In this episode the tables have turned and Dani from NewyFitness interviews Dorte Bladt from Family Chiropractic Centre Charlestown about her Switched-on Kids program.

Sleep and Settle Babies

The baby whisperer Natalie Ebrill from Sleep and Settle shares with us her favorite tips to help baby have a good night's sleep. She reminds us of the importance of feeding well, playing well and sleeping well through the day as the secret to a better night. Enjoy :)

Exercising again after the birth of your baby

In this episode I have a chat to the lovely and knowledgeable Dani from NewyFitness.  She shares about the importance of being patient and kind to ourselves as we safely return to exercise.  Her advice is to gently build the pelvic floor and core stability from the inside out, and being mindful of healing that is still happening within.  Dani also talks about the many options for healing diastasis recti and organ prolapse without the need for surgery.  

Chinese Medicine for women's health

Kristie Ussher shares with us how acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other aspects of Chinese medicine can help with various aspects of women's health.  She has a particular interest in helping couples with their fertility journey, supporting both mum and dad-to-be with whatever path they have chosen. With her background as a doula she also has a real passion for helping pregnant women prepare for birth. Kristie favours a holistic approach, incorporating the tools of her craft with emotional and nutritional support.

Empowered Lactation with Emma Maher

Emma Maher is a wonderful lady with lots of valuable knowledge about breast feeding. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) who also has a background in nursing and midwifery. The best thing is, she works right here in the Hunter :). Emma shares with us a wealth of information and advice about how to handle some of the challenges one may experience with breast feeding.

You can find her here:

Your doula - the birth-angel

Doula Sarah Newling shares with us how she supports growing families through pregnancy and birth.  By providing sensible research-based information as well as centering yoga practice, she empowers the birthing parents to be to make the best decisions for them for this lifegiving journey.  Overarching this is Sarah's focus on fostering connection and trusting relationships to promote the feeling of emotional and physical safety and wellbeing.